New Zealand Asset Management Support (NAMS) has led the development of asset management best practice within New Zealand since 1995.

NAMS is a non-profit industry organisation that provides a hub through which industry professionals can both gain and distribute information on the latest developments in asset management.


Introducing the Quick Guide: 

Meeting ISO55001 Requirements for Asset Managers

NAMS are pleased to be able to offer this supplement free of charge. Please click here to download this supplement.

Quick Guide: Meeting ISO55001 Requirements for Asset Managers


Other Asset Management Training

NAMS is an independent organisation that offers up-to-date training on all aspects of Asset Management. Our courses are a great base to interact with colleagues from your industry that are facing the same challenges and to learn from our experts on ways to overcome some of the issues you are fronting.

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The NAMS Group

To achieve our vision "Enhancing the well being of New Zealand communities through leadership of Asset Management" NAMS is supported through a partnership programme. NAMS would like to acknowledge all of its partners for their support.