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NAMS Insuring Public Infrastructure Assets Against Damage Caused by Natural Disaster Events

This document is a general guide about what to consider when valuing assets for natural disaster insurance purposes.  The general principles outlined here will apply to all types of entities responsible for managing public infrastructure.

It is noted that this guide only covers the management of financial risks associated with natural disaster events.  This guide needs to be considered within the context of a wider risk management framework/strategy for the organisation.  This would include the identification of all risks, the organisation’s appetite for risk, avoidance measures and mitigation techniques – not just covering the financial risk by insurance.

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 NAMS Property e-Manual

The NAMS Property e-Manual defines capital asset management as a proven process.  It provides access to a tool kit that includes a web-based planning system, a guideline that describes the key principles and a range of files that can be downloaded from this web site. Subscribers have full access to the e-Manual; interactive website and an online demonstration asset management system that gives you access to a full range of tactical functions and reporting.

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  Quick Guide - Meeting ISO55001 Requirements for Asset Managers

Quick Guide: Meeting ISO55001 Requirements for Asset Managers
 NAMS are pleased to be able to offer this supplement free of charge. Please click here to download this supplement.

The Ride of your Lifetime (video)

Are you new to Infrastructure Asset Management or just want an overview of what's involved?  Click here for a short video (via YouTube) - featuring some of NZ's best loved LG Elected Members

Other Asset Management Training

NAMS is an independent organisation that offers up-to-date training on all aspects of Asset Management. Shopping bag. Our courses are a great base to interact with colleagues from your industry that are facing the same challenges and to learn from our experts on ways to overcome some of the issues you are fronting.

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