Company Profile & History

New Zealand Asset Management Support (NAMS) has led the development of asset management best practice within New Zealand since 1995.

NAMS is a non-profit industry organisation established to promote asset management through the development of best practice guidelines and training. NAMS provides a hub through which industry professionals can both gain and distribute information on the latest developments in asset management. The NAMS Group’s manuals and guidelines are not only distributed worldwide, they are also well recognised and represent the world’s best practice. NAMS also offers a range of training services customised to the needs of those who are new to asset management and those who are currently practicing the skills of asset management best practice.

NAMS is currently managed by a team of four board members, who are dedicated in continuing the ongoing research and development of asset management support in New Zealand and worldwide. In addition to this, NAMS has the support of its parent company IPWEA NZ who provide the ongoing tools to help NAMS grow.

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NAMS Charitable Status

NAMS Group Limited was registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 on 23 May 2008. Registration number: CC24751

Our Brand Identity

In August 2010, NAMS officially launched its new visual identity. The aim was to create a visual identity that reflects NAMS mission and core values. It is an identity that reinforces the idea that wherever we work in the world, we are working towards one mission of ‘Promoting excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management’ under our recognised brand name – NAMS.

When the acronym was first formed, it stood for the National Asset Management Steering Group. These words no longer reflect what NAMS is or what we do. Recognising the value held in the name NAMS, the Board decided to keep the name NAMS, but to change the words - deciding upon New Zealand Asset Management Support.

We are now able to be identified as a New Zealand entity and the new logo reflects this by representing our Kiwi ingenuity for being innovative, pioneers and leaders on a global scale.

What our Logo means


New beginnings, learning, balance and strength – and a New Zealand symbol


Guidance, leadership


Encompassing all groups


Colour of the sky and sea and associated with depth, stability and dependability

A brief history of NAMS

The National Asset Management Steering (NAMS) Group was established in June 1995, as the result of a proposal developed by INGENIUM (previously ALGENZ) and supported by Local Government NZ, the Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM), the Office of the Auditor-General, the NZ Water and Wastes Association and the NZ Recreation Association (NZRA). It was set up as a committee of INGENIUM and comprised representatives from the parent organisations who provided the core membership of the Group, with additional members being representatives from associated organisations.

The NAMS Group was formed to develop and promote infrastructure asset management practices, policies and systems in New Zealand. With infrastructure asset management now accepted as one of the primary activities underpinning the health and wellbeing of our communities, it is anticipated that organisations involved in infrastructure asset management will support the NAMS Group initiatives and realise the benefits to be gained from a coordinated national approach.

In 2004 the NAMS Group formed a company structure to assist with its strategic focus. The parent company is NAMS Group Limited, wholly owned by INGENIUM. For a time the NAMS Group was managed through both a Board and the original committee structure. In April 2008, at the recommendation of the NAMS Group Board, the INGENIUM Board resolved to disestablish the NAMS Steering Committee, thereby moving the management of NAMS Group activities solely to the NAMS Group Board. 

The primary driver behind the establishment of the group was the local government sector, and consequently it is this sector which has largely purchased the NAMS manuals and attended training over the past ten years.

In 2010, the NAMS Board decided to look at its brand identity and revamp itself to be identified as a New Zealand entity and leaders on a world wide scale for promoting best practice in Asset Management. A new logo was created that reflected this and the NAMS acronym was changed from 'National Asset Management Steering Group' to 'New Zealand Asset Management Support'.