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Our Manuals and Guidelines are internationally recognised

*Please note that NAMS is currently reviewing its membership and is not accepting any new memberships at this time.  Existing memberships will continue until their renewal date.

We do realise that paying by credit card does not work for everyone, so we offer two alternatives:

  • You can pay us by Direct Credit - please contact us by email for NAMS bank details- we will issue access to the site once the money has been received
  • We are also able to Invoice Local and Central Government sector and NAMS partner organisations - please email us with your PO number, and we will do the rest! 
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Please view our Manuals & Guidelines below:

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Developing Levels of Service & Performance Measures

Guidelinesfor organisations to make levels of service decisions that best reflect customer/community needs

$350.00 + GST
Optimised Decision Making Guidelines

Providing a step by step guide to making optimum decisions for infrastructure acquisition, renewal, operations and maintenance.

$350.00 + GST
Infrastructure Asset Valuation and Depreciation Guidelines 2006 Edition

Provides an agreed and consistent approach for the valuation and depreciation of infrastructure assets



$80.00 + GST
Insuring Against Natural Disaster Events

A supplement to the Valuation and Depreciation Guideline, this manual is free of charge to existing V&D Manual Holders.

A small admin fee is charged to non V&D Manual Holders

$20.00 + GST
Property e-Manual - Five User Access

Five User Login - Please note - there is no additional discount for NAMSmembers on this product.

$400.00 + GST
IIMM Quick Guide
$35.00 + GST
Property e-Manual - Student Access

NAMS Property Manual available to students for the duration of a recognised course or training programme

To qualify for this discount, once you have ordered the e-manual you will be contacted for your course details.

$25.00 + GST
Property e-Manual - Existing Manual Holders

Exisiting NAMS Property Manual will receive a 50% discount on their subscription for the first year. 

Please note - no Members discount is offered with this product

Offer valid until 31 December 2014

$50.00 + GST
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