Partners Programme

The NAMS Group has a vision of “Enhancing the wellbeing of New Zealand communities through leadership of Asset Management.” To achieve this vision we rely on the continuing support of the industry and recognise that the advancement of asset management in New Zealand would have not have been possible without the expertise provided by the private sector.

NAMS Partners

We are delighted to introduce our seven specialist asset management organisations who have all committed to supporting the activities of the NAMS Group, both financially and through the sharing of their knowledge of asset management best practice. View their logos at the bottom of this page.

Benefits of Being a NAMS Group Partner

Benefits of becoming a partner offer you a cost effective marketing venue for your company’s products and services. These include:

A Competitive Edge
Access to a key target market area of public and private sector decision-makers in asset management policy and practice

A Corporate Profile
Increase the company’s profile as an organisation that is committed to improving practices for the management of community and infrastructure assets

A Strategic Advantage
An opportunity to be at the leading edge and supporting the exchange of ideas and information about Asset Management that is leading to more sustainable community infrastructure

Who is the Partners Programme aimed at?
The programme is intended for suppliers of asset management consultancy services. It is aimed at a maximum of ten organisations that see the value in supporting the work being undertaken by the NAMS Group and investing in the development of the asset management industry.

Where does the sponsorship go?
The Partners Programme will assist the NAMS Group in the continuation and growth of its leadership role and therefore will accrue benefits to the wider industry. All sponsorship received through the NAMS Group Partners programme will be used to fund NAMS Group products and activities by adding additional resources to further enhance NAMS and expand its leadership of asset management.

What if I would like to be involved, but I am a supplier of Asset Management products?
We are keen to hear from anyone that would like to be involved with the NAMS Group. NAMS hosts events that companies can partake in, such as the NAMS International Advanced Asset Management Forum held every two years. If you feel that your products could be a good fit with this event, or for more information on the Partners Programme, please contact Office Manager Zelda Botes: