International Infrastructure Management Manual 2011 Edition

NAMS and its international partners are committed to updating the IIMM (typically every 5 years) to ensure it continues to lead the international asset management industry.  




(A free download of the terms and acronyms used in the 2011 IIMM Manual)








 We have developed a new Manual to ensure that:

The manual continues to lead the international asset management industry

· Case studies represent best-practice (albeit at different levels of development – core/advanced) across a wide range of sectors and countries

· The manual is user-friendly for the whole range of users, from beginners to advanced practitioners

· The manual will fit well with the proposed ISO asset management standard


Some specific changes include:    

          A new Quick Guide – for those who find the 400 page manual imposing, this easy-to-read ‘asset management overview'explains each of the AM functions in simple terms and provides guidance and tips on how to perform these functions.  The Quick Guide leads you to the right section of the full Manual if you want to read further

·More detail and guidance around the ‘appropriate’ level of AM maturity.  Each function is described in terms of ‘minimum’, ‘core’, ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ practice with guidance on how to decide which the right level for your activity is
·Significant development in the area of developing optimised operations and maintenance strategies and plans with much more detailed and practical guidance

·A new section and case studies on AM policy development, including how the internal and external business context will influence how each organisation undertakes AM
.A new section and case studies relating to setting up an effective organisational Structure to deliver AM functions and defining what capabilities are required

·A new section and case studies on quality management processes that support the AM functions, including documentation, business process mapping and use of quality frameworks

·Improved guidance in the area of asset financial management and good funding principles, and managing assets within a constrained funding environment




*NEW! IIMM 5th edition coming soon in Oct 2015!







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