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This easy-to-read ‘asset management overview’ explains each of the AM functions in simple terms and provides guidance and tips on how to perform these functions.

The Quick Guide leads you to the right section of the full Manual if you want to read further.


A great document to take on the road or give out to staff and clients!


 Some Quick Pointers on the Quick Guide 

  • The Quick Guide is perfect to circulate to wider staff members beyond the immediate Asset Management (AM) team, this is important as everyone in an infrastructure organisation is involved to some extent in Asset Management.

  • It is significant that the 'experts' have a copy of the full manual, and others that are involved in delivering AM functions should at least have the Quick Guide

  • The Quick Guide includes the 'AM Maturity Index' that organisations can use to rate themselves on a scale from 'minimum' to 'advanced'

  • The Quick Guide outlines Asset Management in easy to follow steps - great for those new in the industry





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 Please note that the IIMM Quick Guide is enclosed with the full purchase of the 2011 International Infrastructure Managment Manual. However, due to increased interest we are now selling this as a stand alone document.

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