Value of NAMS Membership

You may have a few questions about why you should become a NAMS member...

Here, we will explain why becoming a NAMS member is good value and what you will get out your membership


Special Discounts

All NAMS Members recieve 10% Seminar Bookings and Manual Purchases! It is a great time to sign up in the new year to take full advantage of the Seminar discounts. To receive the discount members must hold a membership at the time of purchase and make the purchase through the exclusive MY NAMS area of the website. 


Access to valued publications

Our library will contain a range of resources that will widen your knowledge of Asset Management topics and issues through various case studies, reports and papers. We will also provide professional templates for you to work through with your own planning. Our internationally recognised manuals and guidelines are offered for purchase to members at the discount prices.

Time & Money Saving

Our Resource Library is designed to save you time! You can spend up to 5 hours or more a week searching for research on particular reports and case studies. If you add this up on your hourly wage it seems like a lot. NAMS therefore has created a one-stop hub for collating various resources that cover a range of Asset Management topics and issues that is easy for you to access. Our flat rate of $99 per person gives you access to all of our resources in an easy-to-access location for a year. Now that is value for money! We will continually update our library to give you the most recent publications and resources for your convenience. Saving you both time and money! 

Desire to participate in a global market

The NAMS Group is recognised as the knowledge centre for Asset Management and has delivered seminars and presentations globally and has sold its publications in over 28 countries. Our presenters and associated industry leaders have a worldwide knowledge of asset management practice which makes NAMS an ideal vehicle to enhance your knowledge of cultures, practices, and the communication subtleties needed to manage your community and individual assets. As the world becomes more integrated professional development at international levels is a way for the future.

Enhancing your network of professional colleagues

As our membership grows you will have the opportunity to network with individuals that have similar interests and concerns for Asset Management issues. We will host forums for interchange and discussions.

Association with a respected organisation

NAMS has been established since 1995, and has established a high level of respect in government and academic circles. NAMS has international recognition and its guidelines are well sought for from around the world. The NAMS Team and associates include industry champions from New Zealand and several countries, we maintains active partnerships with respected institutions in several countries including, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the UK.

Support from Peers and Industry Leaders

As a member you will have access to resources from champions and organisations that lead best asset management practices. Access to these will give you the support further your skills in your area, as well as send enquiries on any of the topics posted.

Anyone can become a Member!



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To achieve our vision "Enhancing the well being of New Zealand communities through leadership of Asset Management" NAMS is supported through a partnership programme. NAMS would like to acknowledge all of its partners for their support.