Training & Education

NAMS is recognised as the knowledge centre for asset management and we offer a range of seminars to support those in the industry. All of our training seminars areregularly updated to ensure that there is a strong a focus on the application of asset management.

We only use experienced practitioners to present our seminars, to ensure thatwe have afocus application of asset management theory, rather than just a theory outlook.

We offer tailored courses to meet the specific organisation's needs as well as offer a suite of courses on a range of asset management topics. We have delivered these courses throughout New Zealand as well as overseas.

Every NAMS Course is a mix of theory and analysis of actual case studies and practical examples with a range of exercises to assist in demonstrating the concepts.

The NAMS Group offers individual discounts for multiple event attendance and discounts to organisations who register more than one attendee at a course.







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To achieve our vision "Enhancing the well being of New Zealand communities through leadership of Asset Management" NAMS is supported through a partnership programme. NAMS would like to acknowledge all of its partners for their support.