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Soon to be available as an electronic manual

Tactical to strategic planning for property assets
Described as a definitive guide to capital asset management, The NAMS Property manual is now available as a subscription based e-guide that will be dynamically updated as new regulations, tools and best-practice processes come to light.  That means every subscriber has the latest version the latest information and latest tools available to them at all times – all in an easy-to-access online format.  This completely replaces the print version of the manual which is now out of stock.

The NAMS Property Manual defines capital asset management as a proven process.  It provides access to a tool kit that includes a web-based planning system, a guideline that describes the key principles and a range of files that can be downloaded from this web site.  Subscribers have full access to the e-Manual; interactive website and an online demonstration asset management system that gives you access to a full range of tactical functions and reporting.

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a) $100 per user login annually

b) $400 per bank of five user logins annually

c) 50% discount for all existing Manual holders for the first year

d) 10% reduction on the annual fee for NAMS member but not to be used in conjunction with b.

e) $25 per student user for the duration of a recognised course or training programme.

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NAMS members receive a 10% discount on the annual subscription (excluding b, c and e above).  Not a member?  Join NAMS now by clicking here

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If you have purchased a printed manual in the two years to August 2014 you are entitled to a 50% discounted rate for access to the e-Manual for the first year. 

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